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Learn how agencies can automate or expand their capabilities to delight and retain their clients for years to come.

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In todayʼs competitive agency marketplace, itʼs more difficult than ever to stand out from the crowd and retain clients. As AdWeek reports, it’s not uncommon for small-to-medium-sized firms to see upwards of 40% client turnover year over year.

Too much client churn can be a death blow to your agency since it costs up to four times as much to earn a new client as to retain an existing one. And as AdWeek’s report explains, a consistently high churn rate indicates your agency is failing to establish long-term relationships with your customers. This can seriously stunt your agencyʼs growth since recurring client revenue is fundamental.

At the same time, we’ve seen a recent explosion in the availability of automated and AI-based tools. These tools provide significant time savings for marketers and help them fulfill client needs that were too difficult or laborious to do before.  This guide highlights how agencies can automate or expand their capabilities to delight and retain their clients for years to come:

1. Why clients break up with their agencies 

2. The solutions to client churn 

3. How to help your clients focus on the marketing metrics that really matter

Why clients break up with their agencies

In the world of agency-client partnerships, the initial courtship is crucial to ensure long-term retention. After successfully winning over a client, excitement builds as new ideas flow — however, as the work progresses, frustrations may arise. Perhaps the client’s responsiveness dwindles, or they feel unheard.

Here are the top reasons agency-client relationships fail. In the next chapter, we’ll explore solutions.

Reason 1: Poor communication

Effective agency-client communication is non-negotiable. Addressing misunderstandings early on is key. Setting realistic expectations, creating detailed plans, and maintaining regular communication are vital steps to combating issues.

Reason 2: Financial strain

Financial instability can be a major red flag for clients. It can lead to a lack of focus and hinder the quality of work. Healthy finances are crucial for client retention. Establishing a strong financial foundation ensures a stable partnership.

Reason 3: Lack of results

Demonstrating real results is paramount. Agencies must prove their value by showcasing the impact of their work on the client’s business. If the client doesn’t see tangible benefits, they may question the relationship.

Reason 4: Problematic clients

Dealing with difficult clients can be draining and unproductive. Spending excessive time and resources on the wrong client is detrimental. Recognizing when a client isn’t a good fit is crucial for long-term success.

Reason 5: Outgrowing your agency 

Clients may reach a point where they can handle their marketing needs independently. While this can be a tough realization, it doesn’t have to be a loss. Establishing a referral partnership and leveraging their growth for testimonials can turn this situation into a positive opportunity.

Understanding why a client left is the first step in developing effective client retention strategies. By analyzing past breakups and leveraging data-driven marketing, agencies can pave the way for stronger, more fruitful partnerships in the future.

The solutions to client churn

Client churn can be tackled from multiple angles, involving refined account management processes and strategic use of data-driven marketing techniques. Here are several key solutions to consider:

Solution 1: Strengthen client relationships 

Effective communication is paramount. Maintaining open channels with clients builds trust and ensures everyone is aligned. Regular, clear communication minimizes misunderstandings and fosters successful teamwork.

Solution 2: Set clear expectations with an SLA 

Implementing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is crucial for setting proper service expectations. This contract outlines services provided, performance targets, backup strategies, and contact hours. It’s a proactive measure to prevent misalignment and enhance client satisfaction.

HubSpot reported companies that implement SLAs with their clients see a 36% increase in customer retention and 38% more sales than firms that do not, so if you havenʼt implemented SLAs yet — especially for your bigger clients — thereʼs no time like the present to get started. 

Solution 3: Implement a comprehensive lead-scoring system 

Lead scoring is essential for identifying and prioritizing quality leads. Define the attributes of an ideal lead, create a scoring framework and integrate it within your SLA. This system improves ROI by focusing resources on leads most likely to convert.

A scoring system can help your agency filter out bad or unresponsive leads, resulting in immediate and quantifiable benefits. According to MarketingSherpa, agencies that use a lead scoring system experience a 77% increase in ROI compared to those who don’t.

With the latest advancements in AI and machine learning, there are now solutions available that can automatically analyze, score and sort inbound leads. For example, CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence enables agencies and firms to score leads with minimal human input, giving teams the opportunity to focus on boosting conversions and ROI.

Solution 4: Recommend the right CRM 

For larger clients, recommending and implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can streamline lead management and improve client outcomes. CRMs centralize customer data, enhancing accessibility and integration with marketing tools. Proper implementation of a CRM across sales, marketing and customer service teams will help your clients make the most of those precious leads your agency generates.

Solution 5: Develop a referral program 

Referral programs incentivize current clients to refer new business, creating a win-win scenario. This not only brings in new clients but also strengthens existing relationships.

Solution 6: Partner with complementary businesses 

Collaborate with agencies that offer services you don’t provide. This expands your capabilities and ensures your clients get the comprehensive support they need, ultimately enhancing client retention.

Solution 7: Showcase client success with case studies 

Creating compelling case studies highlights the impact of your agency’s services. Emphasize both short-term revenue gains and long-term growth. Sharing these success stories on social media and via email boosts your agency’s reputation.

The latest AI-powered speech-to-text tools can make light work of creating customer case studies. First, conduct a conversation with your client and utilize CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence to generate a transcript of the call. Next, copy and paste the transcript into a document and begin refining it by finding the most appropriate quotes. You could employ the help of AI writing tools like Jasper or chatGPT — however, please note that the effectiveness of these tools may vary depending on your prompts, and we still recommend a healthy dose of editing after these tools do their work.

By implementing these comprehensive strategies, your agency can not only combat client churn but also foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your clients. Each solution plays a vital role in enhancing client retention and ensuring continued success in the competitive world of agency-client partnerships.

How to help your clients focus on the marketing metrics that really matter

In the marketing world, there’s an ongoing debate about the significance of conventional metrics. Businesses must shift their focus towards more meaningful marketing metrics. It’s imperative to move beyond vanity metrics and prioritize metrics that truly matter.

1. Clearly define conversion types

Understanding that not all conversions are created equal is crucial. While a white paper download is valuable, a consultation request holds greater weight. Implementing lead-scoring mechanisms ensures that conversions are appropriately weighted based on their quality and potential.

2. Leverage anecdotal proof points

While data is essential, anecdotes can add a human touch to your metrics. Storytelling that links a specific campaign to a customer’s journey can help clients connect your agency’s work to their business growth. Utilizing tools like CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence can provide insightful call summaries to showcase campaign impact.

3. Align with client business goals

Rather than generic objectives like a website overhaul or Google Ads optimization, delve deeper to understand your client’s strategic business goals. This allows your agency to provide tailored, high-value solutions directly contributing to its core objectives.

By aligning your efforts with your client’s specific business goals, your agency can provide tailored solutions that directly contribute to their success. This approach not only enhances client retention but also strengthens the overall value proposition of your agency.

Client retention can make or break your agency

In order to stay competitive in todayʼs crowded agency marketplace, itʼs critical that you do whatever possible to minimize client churn. Achieving this is a multi-step process.

First, you need to establish processes to build rock-solid client relationships and communication. Then, you can evaluate how you report to your clients on ROI and the other metrics that matter. Finally, fine-tune your data strategy and marketing tech stack to consistently provide your clients with customer service and results they simply can’t get anywhere else.

With the right combination of planning, data, technology, and thoughtfulness, you can keep your clients in it for the long haul and grow your agency.

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