New tROAS Insight Box for shopping campaigns in Google Ads

Advertisers now get enhanced visibility into ROAS performance, enabling more informed optimization decisions and reshaping tROAS strategies.

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Google has introduced a new tROAS (target Return on Ad Spend) Insight Box for Performance Max and Standard Shopping campaigns, offering advertisers enhanced visibility into campaign performance.

Why it matters. This update provides ecommerce advertisers with a clearer understanding of their ROAS performance relative to their targets, potentially enabling more informed optimization decisions.

How it works.

  • Displays whether Actual ROAS falls within the expected range.
  • Shows weekly ROAS averages, including projected conversions.
  • Calculates typical variation based on historical campaign data.

Key features.

  • Visual graph of ROAS performance over time.
  • Indication of whether the campaign is on track to meet goals.
  • Inclusion of projected conversions in the analysis

    Why we care. This update essentially empowers advertisers to make more data-driven decisions about their tROAS strategies, potentially leading to improved campaign performance and more efficient use of ad spend.

    First spotted. This update was first seen on Thomas Eccel’s X post:

    Screenshot 2024 06 25 At 14.08.05

    The big picture. This tool acknowledges that while individual conversion values may fluctuate above or below the target, Google Ads aims to maintain overall conversion value per cost equal to the set target ROAS.

    What to watch. How this new insight box influences advertisers’ strategy for setting and adjusting tROAS in their shopping campaigns.

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