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    To promote your business you are told to build links. This is how the internet works so far what should we do? We have to try in a cheap way to promote http://www.scancomark.com/ otherwise where is the money to pay big players like you to help us. I am a novice in these internet mania nad has been told to make this site exposed. Maybe some one will throw me a line of advice on how to improve the value of our website and make it more visible

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    6. Buying “Advertising” (Aka “Small Text Links”) << I just realized this strategy happened to me already. Somebody emailed me to buy ad space on my 2 months old website. :P

  • muski

    LOL, it was obviously the most informative article but it could use a writer more easy on the moods :P drink water to cool down and dont worry Erin, every fish in the pond is never of the same shape, or else the natural habitat would become unstable ;-)
    And you said avoid guest posts, so why does it mention this at the end?
    “Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.”

  • muski

    dont tell me :-D

    They must be new in the pond ;)

  • muski

    Where are the zombies pouring from? where where?