• http://www.directresponse.net Dave

    These are great questions. I really like Julie Joyce’s answer to how to spend the $100 questions.

    There really are so many free tools out there that throwing money at something isn’t always the answer. You may just have to throw some TIME at it.

    Using the money as incentives for people to read your blogs is a great concept.

  • Alexpte

    Interesting post, although I can’t say I agree with all the answers!

    Out of interest which forums do you visit on a daily basis?

  • http://www.linkspiel.com debra mastaler


    I moderate the linking area on SEOBook’s forum so I hang there quite a bit obviously (paid membership forum) and also frequent Webmaster World and Search Engine Watch on a daily basis. But I monitor the:

    HighRankings Forum
    Cre8aSite Forum
    Digital Point
    V7n forum
    Blackhat World
    Warrior forum
    Wicked Fire forum

    several times a week and never walk away without learning something.

  • http://crowdbooster.com David Tran

    Thanks for the Crowdbooster mention Julie! $100 can go a long way towards promoting your blog, esp. with the increasing number of great free and freemium tools out there =) The answers to the huge spike of inbound link question were also really interesting. I hope search engines are sophisticated enough to prevent a spam farm from hurting a site’s ranking with lots of inbound links (if you wanted to blackhat hurt your competitor’s rankings).

    Co-Founder, Crowdbooster

  • http://www.searchworxx.com Marcus C

    Why are we still talking about link penalties?

    If these penalties were real then there would be a whole new business model out there of anti-seo paid to link-spike your competitors.

    If 4000 new links appear to your site when previously you had none, I would expect they will have very little positive impact on your rankings after an initial upward bounce. They certainly would have no negative impact because without a manual investigation a search engine can’t know if you manipulated them or not.

  • http://www.satinwebsolutions.com KristinSinghasemanon

    Great post, Debra. The variety of responses just goes to show there are no black and white answers when it comes to SEO. I really appreciate you sharing your list of forums to follow as well!

  • http://www.linkspiel.com debra mastaler

    @Marcus After re-reading all four of our comments on the new link issue it sounds like we agree with you, we don’t think a site would be “penalized” for a wave of new links. Like you said, it may dip some but not be removed from the index which is what a true penalty is.

  • http://www.linkspiel.com debra mastaler

    Thanks Kristin. If you search on the term “seo forums” you’ll find more than what I listed. :)