• MikelZee

    Ad #2 would do great on a social site seeings how its a social CTA.

  • Coach Cijaye

    Great share Mona, thank you.  I do see your point on these but would also add that it’s vitally important that advertisers TEST which ad’s work for which keywords and under which networks. Sometimes what we are “told” we should do or should not do – just isn’t right for our businesses no matter how statistically significant the proof is (one way or another).  We should assume nothing and test EVERYTHING.  Just my two bits.

  • http://twitter.com/DavidRubicam David O. Rubicam

    I remember the early days of PPC, when bots plugged search terms into PPC ads…

    Get Cancer at a great discount…
    Buy your new baby on Ebay

  • http://twitter.com/onlinemaximizer Maximizer e-Services

    Good hands-on analysis Mona. Just one point that would add value to this post is quality score.  If you have keyword centric adgroups and your ad copy and landing pages are optimized with those keywords you tend a get a good quality score and results in better ad position and CPC.

  • http://twitter.com/FreshWebSEO Fresh Web SEO

    Great post Mona.
    Creating ad copy is not just a sit and type whatever sounds good at the time, which I think is a problem with novices. I still see ads in Google that have the worst ad copy ever lol.
    Makes me want to offer my services to them.
    Anyways, great post and thanks for the helpful tips.

  • gbfhsghtr

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