• http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    “Another great source of links can be event interviews.”

    I’ve started doing expert interviews on my own blog and it’s a great source of quality links! Not only can you get a link from the expert’s site itself, people love to quote and source industry leaders (you did it in this article!) which can also create inbound links for your site as well. Plus, it’s always nice to get another point of view in the mix.

  • Bayut

    “Link building is not dead; in fact, link building is alive and well. But you do need to be careful.”
    We can say it in other words. Link building isn’t dead but it has become old for sure. And we must become elders of the house now. People should come to us and link from us like the kids come to the old for their advice as they have all the wisdom in the world that reflects from their words i.e. content.

  • marathiunlimited

    Point ” Links from a domain not indexed in Google”
    If domain not index in google… how will google count this link?

  • David Lewis

    I wonder what analysis has been done on link relevance and context? While I have seen some (largely anecdotal) evidence that this matters, and have certainly seen this whole idea proclaimed loudly and proudly on internet forums for the past 2 years or so, I am beginning to wonder where the substance and evidence is to support these claims.

    I’ll make it clear. I have no doubt that Google and ethical SEO’s are indeed keen for this to be the case, and also I’m certain that Google’s efforts are directed this way and have indeed has “some” success.

    No worries there. No issues. We are singing the same song here.

    But it is the actual MEASURE of that success that I doubt.


    While 8 million hacked Eastern European sites and almost 100 million URL’s thereon provide illegal (the site were hacked remember) authority to hundreds of thousands of sites in some extremely commercial niches I have to wonder how good Google is if it can’t spot an enormous footprint and such huge incongruities as this and do something about it well over a year after it began?

    Sites that have absolutely ZERO relevance to the hacked sites they gain links from, not even sharing the same language.

    Those promoting through schemes like this have had 14 months of huge and rapid SERP and PR increases. Cases of sites gaining and maintaining A PR of 5 within 90 days of a domain being purchased (how does that not set off Google’s “oh so clever” self promotion alarms)

    Worse still (yes it just gets worse) The landing pages riding high on the tide of these illegally hacked links are (for the most part) terrible. Overt “Buy This Product” that add nothing what-so-ever in terms of value.

    This isn’t a short term issue. Google has known about this for almost 15 months now. The owners of some of these sites have banked 7 figure sums in that time – and there are thousands upon thousands of these sites ranking high on hacked links. A footprint so obvious – growth metrics so incongruous – but yet Google do precisely nothing (well they do – they give the target sites top billing in their index and allow them top accrue huge authority – for month after month after month) This system continues to promote a massive number of sites with no relevance, poor context both onsite and in terms of inbound links.

    If Google is so darn clever. If relevance is so important, if link context is “a must”. Then how does this happen on such a large scale and for so long in such an open and commercial sector while Mr Cutts sits back and pontificates on how great his new algorithm update is?

    Where is the proof Mr Cutts?

    I read articles like this, and then look at what is ACTUALLY ranking now – today and wonder if I live in the same world as the authors.

    Yes relevance and context SHOULD count – but a 2 minute look at commercial terms on the internet today – tells me they really don’t matter a great deal at all in terms of SERPs.

    Repeating the line Google trot out as if it is true because you WANT it to be true. Because darn it it SHOULD be true. After all Google told you they were going to MAKE it true is one thing.

    A look at the current sites ranking high and banking large in SERPs tells you it just isn’t the case. It’s going that way maybe in baby steps – but it’s a flipping long long way from getting anywhere close from the rubbish I see ranking high. And that’s not much of a change from 2002

  • https://www.facebook.com/googleseonews Justin Clark

    My question is simple if link building dead then what is next? if not dead then how to choose the websites for quality links and how to know about their google penalty as it will give bad impact on your website it you got a link from a penalized website.

  • Faizaan Khan

    It does not appear in Index and Google SEarch Results, but in actual, Google knows it well

  • Gargi Banerjee

    Great insights Paul. What I gather post the Penguin update is build links or no, as long as your website links to a high PR website, your site health is fine. If Google can detect any effort on establishing a link that does not seem ‘natural’, it is going to affect the website. In this regard, I find sharing views and joining communities is a great way of staying connected and yet make no attempt to build link that is forceful. It is one form of PR that has a high potential.

    Gargi Banerjee

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    Thanks for including a reference to my article Paul!

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    Thanks for the post, Paul. There are some great links to good information. As a copywriter, I haven’t paid much attention to link building. I just focused on writing great content. However, I will be putting more emphasis on link building in the future.

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  • Michael Johnson

    Very True, It’s always fun having the conversation with my clients that link building is no longer about acquiring 100’s or 1000’s of links but instead about getting handfuls of quality, relevant links each month and doing link building that makes SENSE.