• http://www.davidfricks.com/blog/ David Fricks

    All good points.

  • http://www.echelonseo.com Brent Carnduff

    Saw someone selling +1s for G+ today – they have to be able to account for that possibility as well.

  • http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    Go to google and do this search

    Buy google plus

    The first result sells 500 Google +1’s for $45. And there are already over 11million exact match results doing something similar. I’m sure sooner or later a footprint is left by these fake accounts, but this is another rason why social serps have a long way to go.

  • http://www.metronet.no Trond Lyngbø

    In the same way that buying links is described as Black Hat SEO today, I am convinced that the purchase of Google +1 votes, Facebook Likes and so on will end up in the same category tomorrow.

    ‘SEO spammers’ are bombing social search on the ground, and I think Google will have difficulty in distinguishing real from fake “votes”.

    A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post (pending) on the same topic here on Search Engine Land, and I look forward to having a discussion around this.

    Is “social search” dead on arrival? Or on life support? (and can it still be resuscitated?)

    I think it is time to ask critical questions.

    Great blog post, Eric!

    Kind regards,


  • Simon Haestoe

    Love the, very common sense, tip about having the buttons high up. Great:). http://www.simonhaestoe.com