• Mudit

    Hi George

    Every word is so true.The management just do not seem to have any idea how to interpret SEM reports and the common metrics which you shared(important but never provide the perfect picture) are the ones which are godly to the “senior management”!

    There are times when I wonder if they could just educate themselves of how to interpret results if not learning how SEM works(because that again would be a problem with their “awesome” insights coming in each hour).

    I work on campaigns which drives “calls” for the company and the conversion is solely dependent on the agents picking up those calls,the metrics which are most important to me are the CPL(in this case calls) & the relevancy of the calls but I fail to understand that at the end of each week why the bosses ask me questions about a low conversion rate while completely neglecting the so important metrics related to my work.

    There is no life(apart from google bots) on the website and the fact that i use “only click to call” call extensions the people who click do not even visit the website!

    I guess I have lost the war in trying to explain them the KRAs(key responsibility areas) of my job and just decided to carry on whatever good work I am doing like “weather”(its not affected by criticism)!

    Anyways,feels good to share some pain..lol..


  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie


    Thanks for your comments. I feel your pain! Keep the faith, someday they will see the light!

  • http://twitter.com/kennyschmied Kenny Schmied

    Some really good points in here. I used to do SEM analytics for a large agency, and I can certainly agree with #2. It was my job to literally tell our clients to expect the world from their search campaigns, regardless of whether the search team could actually accomplish those goals. The result? We talked a lot of talk but couldn’t back it up.