• http://www.essentee.co.nz Essentee

    I had to laugh out loud at the Know The Fold paragraph. I’ve had exactly this debate with designers who say our sites have ‘A lot of text’ on them. As you say it’s a balance, but I like your solution – it’s completely workable and clients, designers, seo-ers and user advocates can be comfortable with it.

  • http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow

    Hi Ian-

    Thumbs way up from the search-engine friendly design pioneer.

    Personally, I like “…don’t use graphical text unless you’ve already explored your CSS typography options.”

    There are times when, from a design and usability standpoint, it is best to use graphic images. I use them a lot for site navigation, despite all of the hooha about making everything a text link. The design and usability can break if navigation text is resized. And the workarounds are a pain in the behind for that if you want to force the size issue using CSS.

    There are the right times and places to use graphic images. SEOs need to see that. Graphic/Web designers need to see that. And they don’t. This is a great, linkable article.



  • Ian Lurie

    Thanks Shari! Yup, all I want is compromise. If the graphical text is blurry as hell anyway, why not make it regular text?

    And, SEOs, do you really need that one-word headline to be true text?