• http://blog.tagman.com/tag/attribution-modelling/ Chris Brinkworth – TagMan

    Great point about ‘Path conversions’. TagMan’s attribution tech let’s our retail clients see, plan and act on Path’s in real-time. Because they can see the full multi-touch from Display, PPC through to natural search (yes, natural search) they are optimizing on paths rather that channels. Multiple combinations – not, single events. Interestingly some are now calling it PCR (Path Conversion Rate) – as if we didn’t need more acronyms!

    The challenge however is ‘visibility of models’ eg – in such a finite time, you need to act fast and use budgets to full impact. Having a system to not just show the ‘data view’ but also ensure the real-time application of your attribution models through Tag Management – is key. There are retail case-studies on the TagMan website.

  • MarkSimpson_Maxymiser

    A website optimization and conversion management tool can easily and efficiently handle all of the actions mentioned, as well as provide ongoing testing and targeting so that e-tailers can benefit from greater revenues, even during seasonal and campaign fluctuations.