• Thomas

    I’d like to hear more about how the relationship with the PR firm went. The “All of Them” comment is pretty snarkey and very stand-offish. Good tips, thanks.

  • http://casiegillette.com Casie Gillette

    Haha well, it certainly caught me off guard! While we certainly weren’t best friends, it was a good working relationship and resulted in some good links for the client. Thanks for commenting!

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    I know whenever I work with a new client that has a PR agency or social media consultant also on the payroll I know the first few interactions are critical. I never want anyone to feel like I am stepping on their toes or trying to take business away from them. The key is to establish yourself as an extra pair of hands. You aren’t there to make things harder for them, just add another layer of expertise into the mix.

  • http://blog.prnewswire.com/author/sarahskerik/ Sarah Skerik

    I agree wholly that many PR pros are missing a big opportunity to generate measurable outcomes for the brands they represent by missing the boat on the SEO value of the media and social proof they earn. Search ranking probably should be a KPI for PR, but in most cases (at least in my experience) it’s not. I believe it’s mostly an education issue – PR teams simply aren’t aware of how they can impact site SEO and (importantly) how those efforts can be measured. This post really got me thinking, and my response (and a few more thoughts) are here: http://blog.prnewswire.com/2014/02/18/2-ways-pr-seo-need-to-collaborate-to-drive-results/

  • http://casiegillette.com Casie Gillette

    Thanks Sarah! Everyone should go read your response! :)

  • James Perrin

    Awesome post Casie. This is something I’ve advocated for a while now, and when it works, it works really well. There’s so much value that SEO agencies and traditional PR agencies can offer each other. I wrote a post on tips to working together a while ago: http://www.koozai.com/blog/search-marketing/content-marketing-and-pr-when-similar-worlds-collide/ let me know your thoughts :-)

  • http://casiegillette.com Casie Gillette

    Thanks James! I enjoyed your post and wish I would’ve read it earlier! :D

  • Rich Edwards

    I completely agree with this article, as a PR professional I am not only encouraged to work closely with the SEO team, but I am also encouraged to learn as much about SEO as possible.

  • http://casiegillette.com Casie Gillette

    Thanks Rich! :)

  • http://www.twdg.co.uk/ The Web Design Group

    This post completely hits the nail on the head, great article Casie. I know first hand just how important is to share ideas and communicate with PR companies. My main tip was, as you mentioned, to synchronize planners and calendars. Communicating about relationships is also a great point; if PR companies have existing relationships with clients it can really help you with your link building efforts.