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    This is awesome resource! Thanks for sharing.

  • https://plus.google.com/+JohnBritsios/about John Britsios

    Nice writeup and share worthy.

    Still I would like to tell what I did already:

    Our company page have been created on Freebase since 27 August 2010

    And the link in our company G+ Introduction with the anchor text the name of our compaly is linking to Freebase since our company G+ page exists.

    Also the first bit of code in the body area on the homepage of our company web site is this CTag: span typeof=”ctag:Tag” rel=”ctag:means” resource=”http://www.freebase.com/view/m/0cr3353″ property=”ctag:label” content=”SEO Workers”

    But now the question is: Who comes first will be served first? I wish it was true.

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  • sharithurow

    Truthfully? If a typical website owner MUST use schema.org to communicate what an entity is?

    IMHO, that is a huge problem because searchers do not use schema.org to determine what an entity is. Yahoo’s research in the book, Where Humans Meet Machines: Innovative Solutions for Knotty Natural-Language Problems by Amy Neustein and Judith A. Markowitz, clearly showed that users rely on graphic image search, Wikipedia, and other factors in determining what the “right” name of an entity is.

    Another IMHO, labeling is a skill that information architects do well. The schema.org folks should get some qualified information architects in their organization, or else we’re getting the mental models of techie people, and not the mental models of actual users/searchers.

    My 2 cents.