• http://houstontexasseo.com/ Paul Sherland

    This is an excellent summary of great local seo tips for small businesses. I’ll update what I’m doing based on some of your suggestions.

    I was wondering about your recommendation to use exact match domains for business websites — the Moz search factors analysis presented at the last MozCon seemed to downplay the importance of EMDs.

    Also, in helping my local clients build links, I’ve advised them to look for local link sources like the Chamber of Commerce and the BBB. Sounds old fashioned to recommend joining the Chamber and BBB, but in my experience it can be a good thing from a local SEO, as well as a business perspective.

  • http://www.elitegroupmarketing.co.uk/ EliteGroupMarketing

    Great article Wesley.

    The general vibe is EMD’s play no role, or not as important anymore. I can vouch for this Paul – Moz is playing this down and does not see this as a go to marketing tactic. Whats your take?

  • weberika

    I scrolled down to reply about EMD’s as well and I am glad to see others beat me to it. It is not a #1 priority that your domain name matches what you do and where you are. With a limited .com market out there – that can be a tall order. Especially if there are several of the same type businesses in one area.

    Make sure the rest of your marketing and optimization is spot on and the domain name becomes less of an anchor. :)

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    Good tips thanks!

  • victor willemse

    Great post Wesley, a great SEO blue print for local businesses.

  • chatmeter

    It’s nice to see an article directed towards small businesses since they produce over 50% of all U.S. sales. Local SEO is important to any business, especially small ones and Google’s launch of their new interface “Hummingbird” could greatly impact local SEO (http://www.chatmeter.com/is-hummingbird-flying-google-into-the-future-of-local-seo/). Hummingbird’s goal is to effectively match queries to results rather than just simple keywords. Although not all of the kinks of Hummingbird have been resolved yet, it’ll be interesting to see how it develops and how it could effect local SEO.

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    Thank you so much Wesley for sharing the tips to ensure success to small business. Can you please tell how can Hummingbird affect local search result?