• http://390Main.com/ Bob Wiltse

    Excellent tips. I would add: Begin with an overall strategy for the site. What can you do to build trust and motivate action? What do you want visitors to learn about your business? What do you want them to do? Different businesses will take different approaches. It’s all about fulfilling the needs of your customers.

  • Clifford Rohde

    I would also add encouraging SMBs to consider a strategic PPC ad campaign. Especially to generate traffic as a new or revamped site is launched.

    Cliff Rohde

  • http://www.seoupdates.xbriz.com/ Rajeev Kumar

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  • http://www.techmagnate.com/ Eva Rajput

    I’d like to add one more point.
    Content-rich websites gets an upper edge in terms of search engine. The main thing that one must keep in mind is to make sure that content should be unique, informative, useful and in relevance to your product/service. Content should be placed in such a way that users can access their desired information in an easy and
    convenient manner. It is always advised to target definable and searchable keywords in your content so as to improve search engine visibility of your website. Content should offer a deep insight of your business product/services to the readers.