• Tony

    Humor stands the best chance at getting greenlit, and yes, titles (headlines, taglines) give a link the best chance of success, although the more bizarre the story, the less you have to work on the headline being clever or really hilarious. If a guy gets drunk on his 23rd birthday and is arrested by police covered in nacho cheese (a true story, by the way: http://www.fark.com/comments/1043223), just keep the headline simple and to the point.

    A decent formula for Fark headlines is a headline where the first part explains the basis of the linked story, and the second part of the headline has the punchline:

    – AT&T is getting married to T-Mobile. There will be no reception afterwards

    – Thief takes a condom machine from a sports bar. It must have been robbed for her pleasure

    – Man uses divorce papers to burn down wife’s beauty parlor. Split ends with permanent damage

    Hope this helps.

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