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  • Michelle Anderson

    Good article. Yes, measuring pre-conversions seems unreliable. Also it must vary greatly by the industry you’re in. Sounds almost like the problem with a print campaign – someone may see the ad, walk into your shop but how do you tell whether it was the newspaper or the magazine ad or was it both just at different times?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507536131 Michael Shostack

    Important to note that many of the challenges surrounding this are not just technical in nature–they are legal, and political.

    Privacy is a hot topic online and between Google, Apple, and Facebook (all companies under the privacy spotlight from the public and government), I think none wants to be seen as making the first move here even though they all clearly have the technical capability to do this right now and probably already do it on their back end.

    But to your point, any company that has users log in to their app/service should be storing that data to a database that includes the device type/OS so they can correlate that data (which should be trivial if it is stored correctly).