• http://www.kejora.net Tony Sampano

    I dont like this article.. the facts & figures are wrong.. please guys check your sources and documentation..

    Please check fig 1 2008 (does not add up to 100%)

  • Greg Finn

    Hi Tony,

    The facts and figures are pulled directly from the source and documentation provided by Pew Internet.

    The full stats and methodology of the stats can be found on the report itself here:

  • Rob Parker

    Have you found that the decline in percentage of younger Facebook users means that these users are going elsewhere? (If so, where?) Or does this just mean the growth is much more substantial for older users?

  • http://mmaco.net/Lighthouse/ Dan Gabriel

    Thanks for the report. It helps to motivate the local small businesses to embrace the social media – and it’s nice to see a shift in age group.
    The baby boomers finally start to understand and use the social media.

    The same generation that laughed at the invention of the PC – “what’s that!?” we don’t need it – they are a toy”

    30 years later they learn the social media from the younger generation, if they want to communicate with each other.

  • CaliCalvin

    Odd way cite ethnic and gender data. You don’t get a sense of how this differs from real life and what participation for each group is without providing normalizing population data. End-result: misleading article title…