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    I actually submitted a timely (and possibly controversial) post today about competitive link analysis at Marketing Pilgrim:


  • Steve Amundsen

    Thanks, Eric, for stating the obvious that so many so-called SEO “experts” don’t focus on because they are so caught up in just going after links. Great content will not only attract better quality links, but it will also do a much better job of doing the things we are really after: conversions.

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    Thank your for pointing out the obvious, however, many of us are trying to level the playing field with our respective competitors. I’m not talking about affiliate sites, but new entries that provide something unique.

    It is always important to analyze and understand your competition so you can exploit their weaknesses. Link data is very important in doing this.

    I don’t bank much on MSN, but it gives a bit more insight into their algo, because links are a major component of SEO and higher SERPs, always has, always will. Even if they devalue them to no end!