• Li Ma

    How about search/display re-targeting campaign management or behavior based bidding strategy? There are also advanced bidding features that rely on search query data in several industry leading PPC platforms. Switching to KW data from Adwords API solve the surface problem of keeping the feature running, but how effective and relevant will the ad offering be?

  • http://www.alanmitchell.com.au/ alanmitchell

    I’ve always found the ‘matched search queries’ report in Google Analytics incredibly useful, mainly to understand visitor engagement and goal completions of different types of search queries.

    However, I assume we can still import Google Analytics metrics such as bounce rate, page views, time on site, % new visits etc into Google AdWords, and view these metrics in AdWords instead. Similarly for goal completions, revenue, ROI etc.

    I think the only real difference from a functionality perspective will be the delay in search query data within AdWords (I’ve found that Google Analytics tends to show search queries considerably faster than AdWords) and perhaps a slight increase some search queries being categorised as ‘all other queries’.

    I agree it’s not as bad as originally thought, but still mildly annoying if you’re used to viewing search queries outside of AdWords.

  • Dave Davis

    Ginny, where are you getting your information on what IS changing?

    Hi Ken,

    As far as I am aware, we will continue to see matched search query reports. The latest change ONLY removes the search query from the referral string. The data in GA will continue to come from the same source… the direct link with AdWords.

    In that article you mentions “Reporting in analytics will increasingly reflect the change with a rising percentage of (not provided) clicks from paid search”. I have no idea where that’s coming from. You doesn’t state where she’s getting that information.

    It doesn’t make sense that it would be available in AdWords and not in GA. What’s the point? You could just match the data back up in Excel anyway immediately.

    We need that data to improve our negative keyword lists. Without that data, MANY businesses couldn’t actually use AdWords. Why give us every option under the sun to optimize our campaigns but only allow us to bid blind?

    The search query is being removed from the referral string, THAT’S IT. There has been nothing mentioned to indicate otherwise. I may be totally wrong but so far, there has been nothing to suggest that we’re losing data from the matched search queries report in GA. GA doesn’t get the data for that report from the referrer string.

    Again, I may be wrong, but I certainly hope I’m not.

  • http://linkworkers.com Linkworkers

    I wonder what would be next…? They destroy for sure all other
    analytic related to keyword research. They work on it slowly but
    securely… Don’t get surprised if you woke up some day and your analytics shows without any referral info.

  • http://www.taximobility.com/ James andrew

    Am expecting even more from google

  • http://www.22by4.com/ Sundeep Reddy

    This change is almost nothing and will not affect paid search in any significant way… we will still get keyword data… I don’t understand why are they even making this change…

  • Carrie Eller

    What about search marketers who do not use GA, but want to see on-page metrics at the keyword level to see what is driving averages for a landing page? This may not seem like a big disruption to the agencies or bid platforms in terms of how they will have to make investments to adjust, but this is a significant change for in-house teams.

  • AA

    Seems like a hollow attempt at justifying the prior natural switch to encryption by putting their revenue generator on a ‘similar playing field’

  • AA

    Same principles for GA should apply to other platforms