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    Seriously? I really think you are trying to thread the needle a bit much. While i have certainly tried to see what kw’s are driving the most queries to incorporate them into copy, I really don’t think I’ve ever said – ah this content is a failure because it doesn’t have any exact match terms, especially since the landing page report is a click away.

    Further wouldn’t you see the total pageviews prior to entering in the filter to discern you are getting decent traffic?

    You do add some good insight on how to extend your article marketing via understanding the long tailed kw’s which are driving traffic to your site.

  • SEO 33

    صور وشم is Arabic and means tatoo images :)

  • Julia

    Тату is Russian and stands for “tattoo” =)

  • croozie

    You missed one very important point. My CEO and CTO want to know what the competition are doing. Rank Tracking software gives me insight that GA and Webmaster Tools can’t.

    I use GA to get an insight on my Long Tail.

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    “Google Analytics landing pages report by filtered by search traffic.”

    How exactly did you get this report? You’re not “filtering,” as far as I can see — you’re segmenting. I can’t reproduce this report with my own data.