• studiumcirclus

    Auto-complete overly sensationalises negative bias and doesn’t necessarily correlate with popular opinion. For example, type in “Michael Jackson is” and one of the top returned results will be “Michael Jackson is alive”. Most people don’t believe this to be true, but people love to Google controversies and negativity.

    Remember that whilst auto-complete is a reflection, it’s not always a reflection of popular opinion! I do agree it’s a bit bad though…

  • Samantha Longford

    Men cannot urinate??

  • Jennifer

    “Or they might be researching which countries still believe that women shouldn’t vote”
    Personally I’d use the phrase “where can women not vote” rather than “women shouldn’t vote” if I was reasearching this. I even did a quick check and the former does give me much better results for this premise.

  • JamesChambers123

    These adverts are a load of rubbish, seriously, if auto-correct / auto-suggest is the best thing we have to show discrimination we all need to give up right now. Not only that but many of the images in the pictures are doctored and have eliminated results that don’t prove their point, e.g. “Women should” also brings up “Women Shoulder bags” and “Women Shoulder Tattoos” but those are left out from the above images.

  • Kayleigh Herbertson

    Anyone looked into the numbers these terms are being searched? After all, if these searches reveal a global sexist culture then they should have thousands of searches. I miss Google Keyword tool…