• http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamilkassam Jamil Kassam

    I love this ‘Don’t focus on “we” and “us”. Focus on your potential customers, their needs and finding solutions to their issues and problems.’

    And an example piece of ad copy says ‘Call us today.’!!

  • http://www.regionalrestaurantreviews.com/ Mitch Monsen

    Most of these seem to be common-sense tips, but I really like your example under the passive ad section. I just began my own website and I’m about to use the free ad credits I got with my hosting package; thanks, your tips helped me out!

  • http://www.xing.com/profile/Roland_Schupp Roland Schupp

    Nice examples and comprehensive hints, thanks for the article. Would you assume that your examples were done by inhouse-guys or probably (badly) executed by an online-marketing company?

  • http://whitelogicsolutions.com whitelogicsolutions

    I really think its cant be standard Tips, do you really think people who are searching for some product gonna see the description before clicking the link, So description doesn’t give much value to ads, and is someone really reads the description then its good to run the description from heading to descrioption so user can better view of your service.

    Don’t you agree.