• http://searchengineland.com Aaron Wall

    The Compete.com public stats are from April and we are in June, so I don’t think that graph added much to a post about how bing did or did not grow over the last few days

    BTW…great blow by blow review of Bing the other day Greg!

  • http://johnbeagle johnbeagle

    Anyone can buy market share with $100 Million, the question is how long will it last. Bing.com is a good product, but it appears more retail oriented than google. Not a true broad research tool like Google.

    Just like ASK.com, Bing.com will not be able to sustain market share or change search behavior of the masses.

    Bing, bang, boom…

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Even with a $100 million media budget I really don’t think Bing will attract long lasting users and really impact the Google and Yahoo! search market share dominance.

  • Marco

    Why is there so much emotion (positive and negative) when a news story focuses on Microsoft? Let’s stick with the facts and how they might or might not impact us. In what ways is Bing better or worse than Google or Yahoo? How will (or should) Bing’s introduction affect marketers? Here are my newest thoughts on Bing, Yahoo!, and Google.

  • http://fakesteveballmer.blogspot.com steveballmer

    I love it when an intricate, fiendish plan comes together!
    Here is the She-CEO of Yahoo (Carol Bats) and myself signing the final agreement to give Microsoft control over the entire backend for Yahoo’s entire search! Yahoo will handle ads, marketing, hosting and all that kinda’ crap, but we will be the ones in charge of the main product, SEARCH! I was so happy as I was signing this that I almost … well, I was happy!
    The She-CEO tried to put a good spin on Yahoo’s surrender, she said,
    “We never really liked search anyways! We are letting these people handle that stuff while we pursue the cool stuff ya’know!”
    Miss Bats, have you ever heard of a Puppet master?
    Oh well, it has been a VERY good week here at Microsoft! Very good indeed!
    (In the meanwhile, the man who opposed me at Yahoo (The Vagrant Yang) continues to marinate in his own feecees on the streets of Redmond!
    Let him be a lesson to all!