• http://www.antezeta.com/blog/ Sean Carlos

    Bing’s Business Portal is currently limited to businesses with a physical presence in the US. It would be interesting to know what Bing is planning for the rest of the world. In the UK there is a landing page with instructions on how to enter data using a third party: http://www.bingforbusiness.com/ . In Italy only limited business types appear on Bing maps and links to the Italian yellow pages are broken (I did write their support…). In other countries, like Portugal, Bing doesn’t even offer maps yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001538587411 sakib10

    bing new business portal is now limited for rest of the world so its should plan quickly how they provide service for the people………

  • http://couponguru.info/ CMG

    Are the smaller merchants once again going to be lost in the crowd of deals? There are now so many deals on so many sites that to stand out or appear on the first page of deal aggregators and deal search sites like Bing’s latest launch, merchants will now have to optimise their deals.

    Will the smallest businesses have to spend money on SEO to stay ahead of the competition or is the mere mention of their business on the deal sites with no upfront payment be enough to keep them interested?