• Alz

    We have to be careful about separating the map content (which is Navteq’s main business) and the software (Ovi.)

    From the stories I have read, it seems people see Microsoft dumping the Bing Maps for Ovi, but I’m guessing it’s more about more access to Navteq’s content and parts of Ovi. I could be wrong, but MSFT has a lot invested in their current mapping engine.

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    Alz: that’s why I was very surprised. Navteq is already integrated into Bing Maps, as the article indicates. I think it goes beyond simply the data but how far is another question.

    There are are three three “levels”: base mapping data, POI data/content (including imagery) and UI. Navteq is capturing “Street View” data for MSFT now. The question is will MSFT shutter or turn over it aerial photography?

  • anon

    The three levels in the previous comment miss an important detail which might well be what tips the scales: Nokia’s on-board mapping/navigation software, Nokia Maps, arguably the most advanced hybrid (on-board/web-based) mapping solution in existence today.

    Being able to fully access maps on your mobile device even when offline remains a striking advantage in many ermerging markets, and is more than a nice-to-have feature even in Europe due to roaming costs. And it just feels better to always have your maps with you, mobile coverage or not – that’s why offline map apps are surprisingly successul on Android and iOS. But integrating such apps closely with a state-of-the-art online mapping service? Only done by Nokia until now.

    Google maps’ new local caching feature is strongly inferior as it only stores recently used map tiles, and map parts touching a pre-computed route locally.
    Whereas with Nokia Maps, you can carry maps of the whole planet with you, including POIs, satellite and 3D views – their entire system is optimized to squeeze a maximum amount of information into the limited resources of mobile phones. Even an off-line search feature is available (although this one might be improved to come closer to the online experience).

    And as of now there is no Bing Maps offline app, nor any steps in this direction.