• Ashutosh R

    Interesting experiment. First time I felt attracted towards Bing. But since I still like Google results more I will wait for more improvement in its search algo and its functioning.

  • Pat Grady

    “Google bookmarks”…

  • http://www.xenonis.nl/ John-Pierre Cornelissen

    Oh boy this is bad. I can’t believe they already have this in public beta. This is way too basic. Didn’t they even look at Delicious and the FireFox bookmark option before they started programming on this?
    – Adding tags takes to much time (3 steps for each).
    – I can’t add multiple tags at once (comma separated).
    – There is no list of previously used tags to choose from.
    – The save on Bing toolbar button doesn’t allow you to add tags & comment.
    – Most importantly: where is the option to search in my saved bookmarks?

    And when all those opions are available, there needs to be an option to import your browser bookmarks. For me that means importing thousands of bookmarks from FireFox including their tags and comments.