• http://advent.es/ Steve Cameron

    The blanket disapproval of remarketing lists for clients in certain sectors has been poorly managed, and there is no clear way to generate a “clean” list. This is something I would like to see tackled, but my biggest wish list item is the introduction of a core bid against which we can make adjustments for all device types.

  • http://altitudemarketing.com/ Gwen Hoover

    Nice work reading the tea leaves and finding a source. I think that Google is looking at all of the dollars and momentum and buzz going to the programmatic companies and is looking to provide strong and viable, competitive products in that category. I think that your insight that “context” and “secondary signals” will be the biggest announcement is probably on the money. Would like to hear others’ thoughts on this.

  • Corey Buller

    With the release of Google’s quarterly earnings and signs of actual CPC decline, I have a feeling whatever they do will most likely be ways to encourage higher costs or a justification of higher CPCs.