• MarkSimpson_Maxymiser

    You’re spot-on Scott. Optimization is the future of marketing, yet many marketer’s are still failing to leverage it. I was surprised when a survey we conducted found that the majority of marketer’s KNOW conversion management solutions can drastically help them improve revenues and the customer experience, yet very few are allocating any budget or effort to doing so. I’m willing to bet that over the next year, we’ll really see marketer’s latch on to the conversion and testing culture–especially if they want to stay ahead of their competition.

  • http://www.widerfunnel.com chrisgoward

    Well said, Scott.

    You’ve hit on the core of why I started WiderFunnel 4 years ago. The traditional agencies and even the big “Interactive” agencies still long for the Mad Men days. They reject measurement and accountability and are still trying to re-create the TV experience online.

  • Scott Brinker

    Thanks, Mark and Chris — it’s inspiring to be in this industry with you.