• http://www.infobizzs.com/ Steve Fort

    Hi Cindy. As you said in your post, Google Humming bird update is come and you said it is specially submitted by mobile devices. Can you do one more post for the deep knowledge of Humming bird update? How it works? How it is helpful to us?


  • http://www.brysonmeunier.com/ Bryson Meunier

    Great write up, Cindy! I agree that Google can make this mobile configuration issue more confusing than it should be. I was encouraged by Pierre saying on this issue “users first!” and explaining that Google supports three methods for mobile site configuration– not just responsive web design. As you and I both know very well, sometimes responsive web design is the right solution for SEO, and sometimes it’s not. It’s really hard to make one solution the right answer for all mobile SEO problems when all of these site configurations can create their own SEO issues if not done correctly.

    I was also encouraged by the fact that Pierre said the smartphone algorithm is rolling out now, though as you mentioned it wasn’t apparent to me in the limited test I did. I’m also hopeful that Google will continue to make the mobile user experience in search results better by prioritizing pages that don’t frustrate users. Time will tell whether that will happen sooner than later but from talking to Pierre at the show it’s clear that this is a priority for Google as an organization.