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    So does this mean that if I sign a multi year contract with them I can get a larger % as well?

    Seriously. I know CNN will deliver huge amounts of exposure for Google’s advertisers, but for the rest of us does this signal a precedent which we may be able to tap into – my loyalty is for sale… ;)

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    From a searcher perspective it’s interesting to see (at least as of this hour) the search box on CNN.com reading, “powered by Google” but the search box on CNN International reading, “powered by Yahoo.”

    + Let’s compare this story from CNN.com with the same story from the International edition. Same story but different search boxes.

    CNNMoney sponsored results come from Google (as expected).

    However, the sponsored results (at least as of this hour) on the CNN International site continue to come from Yahoo. Cursor over any of the sponsored links here and note the Yahoo/Overture URL.

    Finally, look at the bottom of this Money.com story for “sponsored links”. They come from Quigo’s AdSonar program.

    Finally, for the historians out there, CNN and Yahoo made a deal for advertising in May of 2004.

    Review as of today:
    + Search box on CNN.com, “powered by Google”
    ++ Search box on CNN International, “powered by Yahoo”
    ++ AOL search with Google
    ++ CNN SI* and CNN Money** not listed, our bet, Google.

    * CNNSI sponsored links also come from Google. Just cursor over the ad to see for yourself. Best guess is that they also supply the search function.

    ** With enough clicks you’ll find that ads on CNNMoney come from a third party. Who that 3rd party is is not listed but cursor over the ads and you’ll spot Google URLs.

    +++ The sponsored links we spotted at the bottom of several Time.com stories came from the AdSonar program.

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    Great information Gary.

    I guess this is why Google signed only the contextual ad deal on their content but not on their search pages?

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    It’s good to see that Google has secured this deal. I’ve been seeing some quality placements on CNN.com for my client’s ads. In addition, it’s great to see that Adsense/Adwords is starting to clean up their content network publishers, because for the most part, they get the content matching right when it comes to CNN. Although the traffic volume could be better, readers that click through convert much better than your average Adwords sponsored search display ad.


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    Sorry but for me it is only a facility for the income taxes declaration of CNN…did you ever think about it?
    CNN maybe has to justify some extra gains with a certain sum of loss, having an equilibrium for its actionnists.

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    I picked this up directly from Google’s corporate PR feed in Reader, as you probably did as well. I’ve just now noticed you’re linking to it as well via Techmeme, congrats on posting early but you ARE NOT MY SOURCE FOR THIS POST, hence no link. If you were the source I’d be happy to link, and if you go through my many posts at http://www.monetizationweekly.com you’ll see me linking left, right and center to others. Attribution is given to the source and discovery point, as much as you’re writing some good stuff but you were neither for me in this instance. :-)