• http://twitter.com/ChaseSEO Chase Anderson

    Great article but I have a continual problem with regular misinformation regarding social as a ranking signal.

    As a method of proof that Google and Bing accept social signals in their rankings you link to a 2010 article that references the twitter firehose as proof of social impacts on rankings. The truth is that there is no such confirmation of any significant organic ranking factor. Furthermore the twitter ‘firehose’ has been turned off.

  • http://twitter.com/si1very Chris Silver Smith

    Chase, perhaps you didn’t read Danny’s 2010 article closely enough — it wasn’t referencing the Twitter firehose as proof — he spoke directly with official representatives from Google and Bing in his capacity as an industry journalist, and he wrote:

    “Yes, at least for Twitter. Both Google and Bing tell me that who you are
    as a person on Twitter can impact how well a page does in regular web
    search. Authoritative people on Twitter lend their authority to pages
    they tweet.”


    The Twitter firehose was important to rankings of trending topics in recency algorithms, of course, but the influence of social signals on rankings exists also outside of rapidly-trending topics or fresh topics as well.

    So, there was no misinformation involved. :-)

  • http://twitter.com/rankingsignals Ranking Signals

    Social media may not be directly tied to organic search rankings right now, but it seems impossible that it won’t be important in the future. Even if social doesn’t ever influence organic ranking, it will almost certainly add value in other ways. And the cost of building up a presence right now is minimal, so why not devote a bit of time to it?

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  • Justin Sous

    With the complications in link building the past year and a half including Penguin and Panda, I can see social and authorship both influencing organic rankings, local in particular. I’m curious to see what the next big Penguin update is going to address next.

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