• http://www.thriftycomputer.com T.C.

    This is because Google product search is flooded with thousands of no name sites, including many that link to a non existent / out of stock item or clone stores. Google would do well to count a stores ratings and other factors when determining the relevancy as Ebay does with top rated vendors.

  • http://blog.cpcstrategy.com Andrew Davis

    T.C., it’s not tied just to no-name sites. The root of this problem is that Google can’t fully enforce their tax and shipping requirements, whether it’s Walmart or a Mom & Pop store. Merchants that abide by the requirements lose out on additional traffic and sales because consumers sort by free shipping or lowest price, click on the items with fake shipping costs, and then get locked into the buying process.

    It’s a poor way to enforce a requirement and subsequently treat the merchants in the Google Product Search program, and a poor way to treat consumers who use their program.