• http://www.moesker.ca FredMoesker

    Another thing I don’t like is when Affiliates make up their own copy for the ads that are directed to our site. Usually the affiliate doesn’t understand our audience and brand and the copy is inappropriate and hinders our brand. This is especially prevalent with Facebook ads as the ad creator is forced to use their ad creation tool.

  • http://www.imwave.com Adam Viener


    I respectfully disagree with the majority of this post, I don’t think that the good search affiliates are a nuisance or a serious problem.

    A detailed response would be too long for a comment, please see the following blog post on Revenews for my arguments:


    The bottom line is that everything is fully testable, so a company who hasn’t tested direct linking with a search partner they can trust may be leaving some serious money on the table.