• Matt Keough

    This reminds me of the old joke about a person calling the police because the neighbors were always walking around disrobed. The police responder says “I can’t see anything” and the complainant says “Weil, if you stand on the chair, lean over as far as you can and use binoculars it is plain as day”

  • http://www.nevdull.com Anthony Ortenzi

    Seems like it’s all from the “send me more pictures” requests in the comments below?

  • http://www.eqtr.com/ Gavin

    Depends where you work of course :-)

  • http://www.gravytrain.co.uk Matthew Read

    That is just a bit strange! Google prides itself on offering the most relevant results, so do they think we are all pervs?

  • netmeg

    Heh, I recently was surprised when I accidentally hit the ‘images’ button while searching for adsense help forum.

  • http://wefollow.com/hsn_mhd Syed Hasan Mahmood

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I totally agree with Matt :D