• adzuna

    Anyone seen a recovery yet? I’m not convinced all of the movement / volatility last week was down to the domain classifier thingy Matt mentioned. Either new Panda update or over optimisation algo was rolled out at the end of last week in my opinion.

  • http://www.okajewelry.com/ Frank Wang

    what’s are the parked domains? so need each website have a hosting?

  • gbfhsghtr

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  • slavetonone01

    My site too was hit overnight with this issue.  I was in the top 3 on page one for about 20 keywords and now I am luck if I am on page 7-40 for all keywords, some are not even in the top 50 that I see.  I do everything natural, so I guess my site fell victim to this.

    How do you contact google to report this issue?


  • slavetonone01

    My site that has been around for a couple years dropped in rankings for all of my key words overnight.  I do everything natural and have worked very hard to get most of my keywords (at least) 20 on page one in the top 3 position.  Now ALL of my key words are on pages 7-50!  I only have a few page 7-10 and the rest are after.

    How or who do we contact at apple to report our sites if we are having this problem, so they can see if our sites have fell victim to this issue.  I have had increased traffic every month for a year now and average about 300-700 hits a day to my site, but since this happened I have had ZERO hits yes I said ZERO!  I am going to go out of business if this is not fixed ASAP.

    Any help one of you can provide would be great!  Thanks

  • http://goo.gl/iEm0B Commodity

    Its very truth that many website got down and doing struggle to get back in ranking.

  • info

    For all those Penguin affected people –
    Several of our clients immediately felt the effects of a drop in search rankings.
    We found that removing the excessive keywords and swapping them with keyphrases, our clients page rank return within a few days.
    Check us out here – http://www.webwonks.co.nz/web-wonks-wof/penguin
    Feel free to contact us to trade seo advice.

  • Ganeshan Nadarajan

    Drop in rankings is due to google’s mistake over parked domains.

  • http://twitter.com/mtrealtor Bill Bahny

    My site(20 years old)  has been on page 1 of google for years and now it is nowhere to be found.  in my business, if you are not found on page 1, you do not have a business.  Things have been slow in RE anyhow, but this really hurts many business, not just mine.  How does one contact Google to get it fixed.