• http://www.vividsoftwaresolutions.com/ Sean Ansari

    The new homepage has very subtle changes, the search result pages however show more of a change. I like the look and feel of the search result pages way better that the previous look and feel.

  • http://www.CheesyCorporateLingo.com/ Patrick Reinhart

    DuckDuckGo is probably the only search engine out there that can legitimately go up against Bing & Yahoo in the states. And while everyone is thinking about Google, there is a hefty piece of the market out there for these guys to scoop up.

  • http://www.joshz.net/ Josh Zehtabchi

    Yahoo/Bing need to outsource their results to DDG. :) Give Google a nice run for their hoarded money.

  • http://www.7eyetechnologies.com/ 7eye Technologies

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  • Patrick Kompf

    No problem – glad you were able to get some link juice from your response…that looks like every wordpress spam post in the universe.