• davidquaid

    Google does really hard stuff really well but it makes it look so easy. YouTube currently the number one download on iTunes for a reason!

  • Alan

    Wow Google actually trying to match Android usability on IOS? Amazing what can happen when the biggest tech company in the world gets pissed off at you.

  • airmanchairman

    I’m not getting any voice playback of search results on any of my iDevices – 3GS, 4, 5 or iPad 3. Why? I’ve checked settings to no avail, what’s the trick to enable this, or is it a US-only feature?

  • Guest

    I’m from Pakistan and I use it on iPhone 4 and it works perfect

  • http://friendify.asia/ Furqan

    I’m from Pakistan. I use it on iPhone 4. it works perfect for me

  • orthorim

    The demos were impressive – Google knows how to make fast servers, and their voice recognition / understanding is apparently really good too. The only downside is that it doesn’t understand me. At all. It garbles everything I say. I speak good English but I do have a pretty big accent… Native speakers can understand me with ease – Google Voice Search can’t. I have an iPhone 4 so no SIRI to compare to.

  • jaystrab

    Sucks on iPhone 4. Says “Server not responding. Try back later”. Or doesn’t record my entire question. Not sure why everyone is thinking this is awesome.

  • http://jonathansblog.co.uk jonathan

    cant say that ive used siri more than playing with it for 5 mins when I got my 4s. being scottish doesnt help – she cant understand most things I say :(

  • Lee

    Hi did you ever work out how to get the google search app to respond with verbal audio?