• http://www.yipit.com jamesdmoran

    This was an interesting study, and I’m excited about any possibility that Bing forces Google to improve.

    I wonder whether we’ll see the view time of Bing’s top ads decrease over time, as more users grow familiar with the interface and become trained to ignore the sponsored listings.

  • danieltrrice

    While I’m interested in how Bing performs from an SEM standpoint, I find it hard to take a report seriously that only has 12 geographically isolated respondents. That’s just poor market research.

  • http://www.realtrack.com.au realtrack

    Hey very nice article

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Hi Greg, This is very interesting data, most of all that Bing “looks good” but does not have the type of relevant and on target search results that Google has…I personally think Bing is the last hope effort for Microsoft in search…

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    Hey Greg, thanks for the post and for sharing the information with us.