• Serge Doubinski

    “Unlike rel=canonical, using rel=nofollow can do real damage to your SEO efforts”.. I would say there has been plenty of information of usefulness of the canonical tag especially while trying to avoid duplicate content, which can have much larger negative impact on SEO.

  • http://fbml-templates.net Tim Soulo

    Hey Ian, does that mean I can add your blog to my “dofollow blogs” list? :)
    Just kidding :)

  • http://www.sefati.net Alireza Sefati

    Sorry I kinda disagree with this article. You should not generalize because there are special case where nofollows are on internal pages work.

    I did an internal nofollow on an ecommerce site blocking the robots from going through some pages including the duplicated content pages and my rankings and SEO traffic improved. However you really need to know what you are doing. I guess many novice SEOs just don’t know it as well.

  • http://www.onetoughmutt.com OTM

    Uhm…didn’t Matt Cutts just say to continue using nofollow in the live webinar he did yesterday?
    I believe he said it should be based on trust.

  • http://www.twentysix2.com aleefe

    Thanks for pointing this out. I see more and more sights using no follow for social media links. Is this not correct? According to your piece, I would think this is not beneficial for SEO. Right? Thanks for the information.

  • sachin sharma

    Totally confusing………

    I am totally disagree with “Canonical” description……… here

  • http://www.roothost.co Simon Vincent

    I think Matt is saying don’t use nofollow for internal linking on your site, which obviously is a bad thing. Using nofollow on outbound links does keep the pagerank within your site.

  • http://prodigalsolutions.com Joe Vlcek

    Where did Matt say not to use nofollow? Did you even read what he said? “I wouldn’t recommend it, because it ISN’T THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to utilize your PageRank…… The notion of ‘PageRank sculpting’ has always been a SECOND- OR THIRD-ORDER RECOMMENDATION recommendation for us.”

    He seems to be recommending it, but says not to focus on it. Most people who are inexperienced could hurt their sites and that is why he recommends to let the PR flow freely. I recommend using no-follow on certain external links and on internal links that you would never want in the search engines. This way PR can be sculpted a little.

    I am not sure where you got your information or your charts about “burning” pr. I have seen no evidence of that. I have actually seen evidence suggesting the opposite.