• http://www.JoeRega.com/ Joseph Rega

    That’s pretty interesting, I wonder if they’ll make it easier to report these negative links. Also, I’m Not exactly sure if this falls under the category of “Google ass-licking.”

  • NoPaidLinksHereHonest

    That’s all well and good, but I’m afraid it’s still pretty much akin to Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, the Iraqi Minister of Information’s protestations on the banks of the Tigris.   On this occasion instead of “There are no American troops in Baghdad”, we have “There are no sites hit by negative SEO in our index.”

    Actually, that may be true considering there’s a solid chance that going on reports from elsewhere, those sites suffering from negative SEO have actually been as good as de-indexed anyway.

    There’s little doubt that negative SEO has been around for years, and that it’s not as easy to do as somewould have you believe.  BUT, and this is a very big BUT, there are so many straightforward things that Google could do to remove the threat and still ensure the quality of its index.  That’s what they ultimately want isn’t it?

    Does anyone know why they don’t want to provide such functionality?

  • Garth O’Brien

    Google should just devalue the “bad links” instead of issuing a penalty. Negative SEO does work in some instances and works quite well. If Google just ignored the “bad links” then the site generating these links would not benefit and no one would try negative SEO. Boooo Google. Booo.

  • Raviraj Tak

    Thats fine; But what if there is no webmaster contact details available to contact for the copyright. What would be the steps of google in such cases. If reported it to de-index a page from google which carrys a page full of links to another site and the site owner had not paid for the links.

    What to do in such cases ? Any suggestions

  • http://www.gg2.net/ Garavi Gujarat

    fine, but what to do in e-commerce sites privacy policy, what would be Google takes the steps in this types of cases, it’s all copyrights. 

  • http://twitter.com/AlexHavian Alex Havian

    they did update by march 30 then april 18 then latest update may 22 so I would say they working on this issue  they should fix in couple of month…