• http://fr.linkedin.com/in/eloicasali Eloi Casali

    In b4 SEO rage

  • http://www.adwordsanswers.com David Rothwell

    The new AdWords Enhanced Ad Sitelinks are one of the most significant developments yet in ad serving – but questions still remain about how they are actually implemented.

    Google’s wording seems to indicate they will pull them from anywhere in the account – which is consistent with what they do with keywords.

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  • http://fr.linkedin.com/in/eloicasali Eloi Casali

    The primary thing Adwords looks at is the destination URL (which causes issues for people with 3rd aprty tracking tools btw …)

    THEN, it will go and look at ad copy similarity.

    Basically the REQUIREMENT is the same URL
    and the REFINING is through the ad copy.

    >> Should not take into consideration ads that are paused.

    I am setting up ‘fake’ adgroups (no keywords) with ads highly relevant to my sitelinks to try and control which ad it pulls and displays. should work, unless it only uses ads-whose-keywords-are-in-an-auction.

  • Drew Nichols

    Does anyone know if this program is still in place.  I tried several keywords and never was able to replicate it.