• http://www.brysonmeunier.com Bryson Meunier

    I have a verified account with less than 500 followers. I verified my name with Google Knol a few years ago, so I’m guessing they’ve grandfathered those accounts in.

  • http://www.ericinparkcity.com erichoffman

    I agree with Bryson, because I did the same for my name w/Knol and it looks like that did transfer over to my Google+ account, and I am around 60 followers.

  • http://ninebyblue.com/ Vanessa Fox

    Any idea what the verification process is? I’m verified, but I have no idea how they went about it.

  • Matt McGee

    No, they don’t explain anything about that, Vanessa. And BTW, you weren’t verified this morning when I wrote the article. Danny was the only SEL person with that status.

  • http://nadge.blogspot.com Nadge-the-1 Ariffin

    I’m not a celebrity (well a very minor one in my country) and I only have 231 followers, but I’d like to get verified as others have been using my name such that I now have to use the cumbersome Nadge-the-1 Ariffin – yup it’s real silly. Besides, if you’re not verified it’s like having ED even though you’re fully endowed.