• http://www.antezeta.com/blog/ Sean Carlos

    The sad truth for all involved, Google included, is that in most of Europe Google doesn’t have any real competition.

    Yandex’s current reach is limited to Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and a recent launch in Turkey. Yandex is showing lots of promising signs, but the only west European language they currently support is English: the road ahead of them is long.

    Bing would be Google’s closest competitor in western Europe but there’s no real sign the Bing will become a viable competitor anytime in the near future. Most of their investment seems to be limited to the English language versions. They’re apparently not working to blend results from their own shopping site, Ciao, with Bing web search. Nor has much happened with Bing local.

  • TimmyTime

    Chris, you seem very sad and I understand, so I’d like to extend my sincerest condolences to you and to the GoogleLand team.

    However, Google’s anti-competitive and moneygrubbing actions have affected millions and millions of small businesses to the point of having to close down as Googlers buy private jets.

    To those that say “No one is forcing people to use Google..there is competition…Google should do what it wants…” I have one sentence for you and it is: That’s what MICROSOFT said.

    Just ask Eric Schmidt