• http://hotpads.com hotpads

    I think there is a tractor in that image in the process of making the L in the crop circle.

  • coyotefeather

    umm id like to buy a vowel!!! lol :P

  • bugmen0t

    “the L has been abducted”….Well look again!!! I think hotpads got the idea. The Tractor is making the L.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stoneoz StoneOz

    bahaha,. i think if any conspiracy to to the images ,. perhaps a message tht soon letters or ppl start disapearing, not because of abductions,. but Ascention,. tbh the whole O,L wat tht spell? ,. well wat could google be analgramed as,. buggered if i know,. but i do know more ppl tht unconditionally Consistently Love ,. Seat the energy in thier chakra & open thier pineal gland & mer ka bah outta here.. Peace & Love~ <3

  • Matt23
  • glennmor1

    I would assume from the letters, it may eventually spell LOGO. Interesting to see what goes missing next..

  • ned

    I think that the next letter to go will be “A”. Like an evil ET I think AOL will be seen again.

  • rodsbot

    You could see a Crop Circle collection from Google Earth here : http://www.rodsbot.com/google-earth-crop_circle-0.htm

  • http://www.tag44.com tag44

    Must be the UFO in the space saucer eaten up or stolen the Google letter L

  • http://www.cucumbermarketing.com Helen

    Love Google Doodles! :)