• http://www.avantaexchange.com TimAvanta

    Great article. Searching for anything “local” in Google Maps is very underrated, and I personally, use it all the time. I am just in the middle of creating detailed maps (for my work) of local amenities near our business centres. It should be great for our clients, especially the new ones – or anyone else who happens to work in the area.


  • http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    Tim, that map is a great example of the sorts of maps that local communities of users will find very useful!

    Did you create the map by adding each placemark by hand, or did you use a KML file?

  • andrew


    Great article, ironically, we just completed building our own map for where people can purchase our product.

    Unfortunately, I am trying to get the custom map to be search-able within google itself. Did you come across how to integrate personal maps into google? I can not seem to figure that out, or how to have all of our listings on 1 page. Appreciate any thoughts or comments.

  • http://www.thuk.c.o.uk Splinter09

    At my company we’ve got a Google Profile/Account where we submitted all our clients to Google Local Business Center, could I do the same with My Maps? or do I have to create a profile to each one of my clients to able to use My Map properly?

  • http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    andrew – very cool map! Your map will already be searchable within the Google Maps portion of Google.

    To get your map searchable/findable in the regular web search results portion of Google, you need to link to the map from other pages that Google indexes from the internet, such as from your company website. (This was my third tip above.)

    The reason for this is that Google is unlikely to otherwise sprinkle the links to custom maps into their regular search results, at least at this time. But, if you link to the map with sufficient numbers of links and/or sufficient pagerank of links, that link will get indexed.

    Two other suggestions, Andrew: your link above goes to the satellite image version of the map. If you link to it from your site, I suggest you use the roadmap version. Also, you haven’t customized your Google Profile, so when your username in the map is moused-over, no links back to your site are appearing — no reason for you to leave that out!

    Spinter09, I would indeed suggest a separate Google Profile to go with each map, so that each one will link back to appropriate websites that go in sync with the maps.