• http://www.daxserver.com/ Srihari Thalla

    Any info regarding Firefox?

  • http://www.sundarrawat.com/ Sundar Rawat

    Google monopoly… you will have to become chrome users if you don’t like to be, to use this service. :(

  • http://www.sundarrawat.com/ Sundar Rawat

    I am sure, Firefox team would be working for plugin to use this service… it might take some time. :(

  • http://www.moosylvania.com/ Sean Doggendorf

    With this, is there any news on the ability to track text vs. voice searches in Google Analytics?

  • Colin Guidi

    haha, having fun with this today. Would definitely like a way to manually turn it off or lower the ability to pick up nearby sounds, since it picks up conversations from people next to me.

    maybe that’s just a function of the computer microphone sensitivity.

  • http://www.brand.com/blog James R. Halloran

    Are you able to delete what you say verbally, too, in case it misunderstands you? This happens to me all the time with my smartphone, so I’m just wondering if this is actually better?

  • Dawgs4ever

    It’s a Google product. I’m not sure Monopoly means what you think it means.