• http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    This could be a big win for Google as well as small businesses. Agencies like ours have not found a great mechanism for serving that segment of the market — too much work for the size of the program to do it really well — so self-service totally makes sense.

    The challenge will be to see whether the automated process produces results that are good enough to satisfy the SMB’s needs.

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    Exactly. Performance will be key. There’s been heavy churn in this segment from SMBs who’ve worked with third parties selling AdWords. We’ll see if Google can do better itself.

  • http://www.righteousmarketing.com robertbrady

    I still think that any program that allows Google to manage AdWords spend for someone is letting the fox guard the hen house, budgets or not.

  • http://www.igorpokrovskiy.com/ Igor Pokrovskiy

    Completely agree with previous comments! It’s all going to be all about performance.

    However, self-service means that budgets aren’t utilised to full potential, even if it is in terms of CPC levels and quantities of traffic for the level of investment. Plus, if this service is completely automated by a software, this means that any SME can’t utilise any of the optimisation techniques that should make any activity more cost-effective.

    It seems that Google are trying to secure a constant level of investment from people/businesses who still are clueless about SEM (otherwise AdWords is easy enough).

    I predict the results from self-service will be OK, which means that Google will obviously come back with “recommended daily budget” figure, which should in theory be slightly larger than funds available, and will increase month-on-month.

  • http://ezlocal.com timscheer

    I am seeing the Boosts available for all of my accounts in a variety of cities and states, doesnt seem to be limited by area in my accounts.. I activated one for Greensboro and it was live within minutes. http://img.ezlocal.com/j/2010-10-25_0912.png

  • atxppc

    A few questions/concerns:

    What about existing advertisers…if you have an Adwords account and are already running ads there, are your ads going to be double served with Boost as well?

    Also, if there’s no bidding or keywords, how will Google rank the ads when multiple businesses are using Boost in an area? Highest budget wins? Without a bidding system, how are they going to keep this “fair”?

    I’m not loving the idea of giving Google all control of your ads and budget. I’m seeing more cons with this than pros. Sounds like they’re just targeting small business owners who don’t know anything about SEM.

  • http://whatislocalsearch.com Tim Evans

    Maybe Google can make a video on Boost titled: AdWords for Dummies!