• http://www.layneheiny.com Layne

    Has any ‘business’ account actually been shut down? Is there evidence supporting the statement or are we just taking this in good faith? After all, there is a quite a growing list of business accounts showing up on G+

  • Greg Finn

    This was just announced tonight, haven’t seen anything shut down yet. I know that Facebook has always been very diligent in killing off non-profile entities that had set up profiles and don’t expect it to be different with Google.

  • http://uk.linkedin.com/in/sdhampton javacofe

    so does this mean SE land will pull its +profile?

  • http://www.netbuilders.org willspencer

    My cousin Free Viagra is really going to be inconvenienced by this!

    I wonder what the cost structure for business accounts will be…

  • http://jdavidgoodman.net Dave Goodman

    They pulled a bunch of accounts this morning. TNW, Mashable.. but many are still there.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Both TNW and Mashable are still there, when I look.

  • Awhellnawnamouse

    Would be nice if they offered some support to existing (large) Adwords accounts.

    Lack of support renders many of their so-called “business tools” unfit for enterprise usage.

    Even if it’s paid support…I guess.