• http://www.searchmarketingcommunications.com Cohn

    Same counts for both local search volume and global search volume over here Barry.

    Don’t see how it will work on the external version of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

  • http://CollClark2 CollClark2

    Local Search volume is only for March. Seasonality may cause March to be higher than Global Average.

  • http://www.keywordintent.com KeywordIntent.com

    The problem with the new Local Search Volume is that it does not show the average search volume for the last 12 months in a local area, only the previous month’s data. This is a problem because longtail terms do not have search volume every month and it shouldn’t mean that you ignore those terms because some months there is zero traffic, especially in smaller locations around the world.

    On the other hand, I feel I can trust the Local Search Volume numbers more now than before.

  • http://www.irishwonder.com/blog/ IrishWonder

    It’s previous month local search volume if you select a particular geolocation and average monthly global search volume – which I think is a bit gay. I’d rather have an option to see average local monthly search volume alongside with the previous month’s volumes if I chose a particular location as some markets are seasonal and previous month doesn’t do me much good.