• kmanish

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  • fire1

    While they have nothing to officially announce YET, Goggle has been making lots of inquiries into other types of financial websites to get into their space. I don’t believe Google when they say they are just trying to improve user experience, unless having to click hurts UE. I think Bankrate has done a mighty fine job on the mortgage product, building their business and rate quality. This is all about disintermeditating aggregators and keeping the higher yielding money. It must just piss Google off that aggregator businesses are making money off them even though they cpc advertise.

    Google is saying, “why don’t we just do, what they do? Now Google will use their leadership position to yield greater monies by culling the lead. Mortgage, insurance, credit cards, banking, travel, digital cameras… you name it = comparison ads.

    With 81% share, I hope that someone from the DOJ reads this as well as other vulnerable aggregators and considers what it will mean to the Internet’s existing strongholds as well as crushing any hope for new entries into the space. Kill off the aggregators and brands should care too, they will be paying more due to a site that will hold 81% of the leads.

    I think this is negative, monopolistic arrogance that needs to be dealt with before it takes down many businesses.